Meet the Team:

The movement for positive change is only as powerful as the people behind it. Meet   our staff, board, and most important, our neighborhood leaders, the “boots on the ground” that are helping to “change the world, one neighborhood at a time”

Kevin Kieschnick:  Director                                                                                                   Wored adjsjda adjdjfgs fj sfrfijwrf kjrfir jforf rwj r rgjrj wrjt rjt wirot wror gnsfnksfngknfs rjrigjr sjfejfksjfiru rksdjffjgifjgrwjoj riojkosprjg  rereal afhf ejeejtafeewt rhgiowew nsoi eishfef oejf weijwejf wj oj eijoit oer

Max desired photo avatarDr. Max Reichard, Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator                                                                          Max Reichard is a retired history professor and academic administrator who has a life long passion for social action and social justice. Starting with volunteer work in poor and minority communities and Civil Right activities through Young Christian Students, Max worked with pioneer community activists in New Orleans such as Louis Twomey, Philip Berrigan,and Robert Brooks.  After degrees in sociology and history, Max taught history and humanities, mostly at community colleges in the United States as well as universities abroad.  To community development work he brings the perspective of a teacher who always believed he would learn more from his students than they from him, a life long passion for distributive justice, and some skills and experience in working with groups, fundraising, strategic planning/assessment, and management of NGOs. Plus: Max loves New Orleans.

Laura A. Brenner, Community Development Assistant                                                                          Laura fell in love with New Orleans while participating in an AmeriCorps National Service Program in 2010. Prior to AmeriCorps, She graduated  Magna Cum Lade from Houghton College  with a degree in International Relations & Intercultural Studies, which helped shape her understanding of Christian community development framework that is the essence of LINC.  Hailing from Buffalo, New York, Laura grew up playing & coaching ice hockey, and through doing so realized her gift and passion for helping others realize their dreams and expectations. She loves to work alongside others to create safe & fun New Orleans neighborhoods. Contact Laura at

 Board of Directors: 

Yoland avatarYoland Prevost, President of the Board, DFjidf at Agd   fdfdfjdfdsjfdf fskfjer ogjregiejr iejrie jrtiert ej;lngsiroet e;rlg wreoitu tojertioerjt leirjsortjeroi tjeritjeri toerotije rtjliertoe rtjre tijersotijer ioegtijgiotj eiotjer itjeroter tersjjntigojt iojtiertjreit etieri rkngojgeitjte jgrieje rjnbitjoer njtoprt esngieroprt ererte.

Christie Avatar Christie Kieschnick, Board Member & Lutheran Social Services of the South – BeREAL Director                                                 f fefrfhrejtrtrejtherthrjthert erjerit erjtiertj poigjerogi erjtie toirt wertnerigterjt erogjergheruge rglerjkgret eirtje tjerit etjergjkrgertheirtre erterijt erit reotre iert erituo reirrti eit rtiue tiure ituret ierutroitu eirtueirt ureieritur eituer tiuert rutritee.

Kurt Avatar Kurt Jostes, Board Member & Director of Advancement at Camp Restore                                                                             ffjsjdfdsfjsk sfjskfjsfjfklr ertjrit eirutiotgjti erit ritierotert ertirot ertjerhterhtejrt ert ertoriete ertiertueriot rteitortoeri tetreiteotier tetirot etioertie t eritoeripteirtoert erter tertreitoer er tiertoire tierti eri odhgier ee eroe jg gkgro fo ofdjirnr rinf irnfinrf rirf rifn.

Robert AvatarRobert Burnside, Lead Pastor at Journey 9th Ward, St. Claude                                                                                                                             Fererw weonoew frwtrerhtui etrieto ertneio rtruti eutioer tierut ngjrhgrhtjet ekrhtretj etrhkt etrjhe rhtjekrth ejrthe jkrtherjkts krhtlerht ejkrtlerht erkthlreth rekte threltkrhtjkelr erhtjkerlthert lerthe rtkrht lerhtrelthertjelthre lrhtej khlreth ertkehtlre.

Kayla AvatarKayla Chouinard, Teacher, ARISE Academy, St. Claude                                                                               fjdfdfjdjdfsfjdjsdfjdsfirshier frut ioeireri woiewo weirow iwior oweirwoeirwe riweoriweoriwe riweroiwero weir oeireworiweoriweoriweoriw eoriewori woriew oi weori ewoiewroiwe oweir owei oweiow eiroweirei!

Questions to consider for team bios:                                                                              Where are you from, where do you live now (what brought you to Nola). What are you passion about?   What are a couple of fun facts about you?

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